More about Anita Samsom

by Anita Samsom


I am a Dutch singer/songwriter, composer and music producer. Most of my compositions can be best described as smooth jazz with a bossa nova feeling, though I also write funk and blues songs and instrumental music with an easy listening light classical sound. My debut CD album "Treasures of Nature" (released October 2016) is an album filled with 12 original songs composed, recorded, mixed and produced by myself. Besides my own original songs, I perform smooth jazz and pop cover songs.

I was born in Amsterdam. When I was 4 years old I already played tunes on the piano, after hearing my Dad playing the music. It appeared that I have an absolute pitch, and I was invited to study at the junior school of the Amsterdam Conservatory at 5 years old. Therefore, I was able to read scores at an earlier age than I could read books :) My lessons at the junior Conservatory started with music notation, singing and playing the flute, and when I was 6 years old I got my first piano lesson. In the mean time I already had written my very first original song. Although I got a piano education in classical music, soon it appeared that I had more interest in popular music. At the age of 12 years old I already performed songs of Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder and George Benson, by singing and accompanying myself on the piano. In later years, when I was a student at Leiden University, I earned my first money by playing cover songs in local restaurants during happy hour. After graduating, I started working for the Dutch Government in a international function. According to my boss, I brought Americans and Russians together by... singing and playing the piano for them! During those busy years working for the government, I had less time for music, but still found time to write some original songs. Music got more in the picture again, after I met and married William (Pim to friends) Samsom. My husband's main hobby always has been music, and he played the piano in a jazz band for many years. As I also play the piano, Pim qualified himself in playing the double bass, so with the two of us we already have a small combo to perform with: vocals and piano/keyboard by me, and the bass performed by Pim. In 2015 I started music production, resulting in my CD album "Treasures of Nature", an album filled with 12 of my original songs! I hope to produce more albums in future!