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Gadgets for your website or blog, created by Anita Samsom

Welcome to my website and blog gadgets

On this page are collected the website gadgets that I created for use on your private website or blog. You can follow the links below to get one or more of my gadgets! They are for free :)

Get Friendshipflower

The Friendship Flower is my oldest gadget, I created it in 2001. The Friendship Flower is offered to you at my website Original Art Graphics. The flower automatically changes every week! You can choose from a large or a small flower.

Get custom Clock

The Bichon Frise Clock is a gadget created by me in 2003 and offered to you at my website The Bichon Frise Dog. The nice thing of this clock is, that it displays the country and the actual time of where you live (provided you choose the right clock) and not your visitor's computer time. The clock is available for all different countries in the world! The look of the clock changes every month.

Get Calendar

The Bichon Frise Calendar is a gadget created by me in 2004 and offered to you at my website Bichon Iris. The Calendar highligts the actual date, attends you to holidays and the image changes every month. Also you can scroll to other months to find out e.g. what the date of Easter is next year. The Calendar is available in two sizes.

Get BMI Calculator

The BMI Calculator is a gadget created by me in 2009 and offered to you at the website that I created for the family medicine practice of my husband. The BMI calculator is also available as a metric calculator (cm and kg). The look of the BMI Calculator automatically changes every season.

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