Happy Whitsun 2017 to You!


About Whitsun Tide

Whitsun is a European Christian Holiday that is celebrated yearly on the 7th Sunday after Easter. We celebrate that Jesus went back to Heaven and gave the Holy Spirit to us.

Whitsun is also a popular day for people to get married, as the color of Whitsun is white. Symbols of Whitsun are white flowers. Therefore, Whitsun is a very special holiday for little angel Bichon Iris: she was white herself, and her name is that of a flower! The Iris flowers that I planted in my garden for her, bloomed every year around Whitsun tide, with beautiful large white flowers, even if the original plants bloomed blue... And, a little while after Whitsun tide, Iris had her birthday! In 2005, after a loving and joyful life here on Earth, Iris peacefully went back to Heaven, around Whitsun Tide.


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