Happy St. Patrick's Day 2017 to You!


About St Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated each year on March 17th. It is an Irish festive holiday to honor St Patrick, who turned Ireland into Christianity. St. Patrick used the shamrock leaf to symbolize the Trinity (father, son and holy spirit), and today many people wear a shamrock on Saint Patrick's Day.

More symbols of St Patrick's Day are: wearing green, kissing a blarney stone, and finding a Leprechaun. Wearing green we do because green is the symbol of Spring, of the shamrock and is connected with hope and nature. The blarney stone is a magical stone, located in the wall of a very old castle in Ireland! It is said that kissing the stone brings you Good Luck! Then a leprechaun is an Irish Fairy, looking like a little old man and dressed like a shoe maker with a cocked hat and leather apron. Leprechauns are very special fairies because they possess a hidden pot of gold! If you find a Leprechaun, you could persuade him to show you where he hides his pot of gold, but, you must never take your eyes off him for if you do, he will vanish and his pot of gold will vanish with him!


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