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About Santa Claus

Santa Claus Eve originally is a Dutch and Belgian festive holiday celebrated each year on December 5th, the birthday of Saint Nicolas, abbreviated to Santa Claus. St Nicolas was a Spanish bishop and known as a great children's friend. After his death he was declared a Saint.

Santa Claus comes to town every year in November, a week before the first weekend of the Advent. He arrives by boat from Spain, together with his white horse and his helpers from Africa, the Black Peters. The Black Peters give out candies to the kids waiting on the street for the arrival of Santa Claus. Afterwards Santa Claus makes a tour on his white horse through the town.

In the weeks that follow, kids are allowed to place their shoe under the chimney before they go to bed. They can put a carrot in their shoe, for the white horse of Santa Claus. If they have been good kids that day, they will find some candy in their shoe the next morning. It is said that Black Peter during the night climbed through the chimney to fill the shoes with candy. It is also said, that Black Peter looks so black from climbing through chimneys all the time!

On the evening of 5th December, Santa Claus and his Black Peters ring at the door to bring the kids toys. However, only the good kids get toys, the naughty kids are caught by the Black Peters and when Santa Claus leaves for Spain again on the 6th December, he takes the naughty kids with him until the next year, to return them as good kids.

After Santa Claus has left for Spain again, Father Christmas arrives with his reindeers. In non European countries, like USA, Father Christmas and Santa Claus have become one personality.


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