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In loving memory of Iris (1994-2005), my sweet and adorable Bichon Frise dog.

Here you can read her life story with photos, and visit her fun holiday pages! Also Iris has a free website Calendar for you :)


In 2016 I brought new life into this old website, originally created by me in 2001. I made all pages responsive for proper display on mobile devices and tablets, and I replaced the old music files of the section Holiday pages by music files created and performed by myself!


"Bichon Iris" was my very first website and started with only one page with photos of Iris. The html was coded by me in Notepad, originally in version 4.01, while the graphics including the gold and silk materials for the backgrounds of the pages, were created by me from scratch with the graphics program Paint Shop Pro version 7. After Iris passed away in 2005, the content of website "Bichon Iris" has not changed anymore.

"Bichon Iris" website is about my very first own dog, my little Bichon Frise dog Iris (1994-2005), who will always keep a very special place in my heart. Besides her sweet temperament, she was very beautiful as well, and she became my little hero by becoming a national and international showdog Champion, which was not easy for her because of her small size compared to her opponents. "Bichon Iris" website contains a lot of photos of my Bichon Frise dog Iris, from puppy until senior dog, and it contains Bichon Iris's Holiday pages. The website about the Bichon Frise dog "Iris" I have especially designed for kids!

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