author: Anita M. Samsom

Background music:
"Only you oh Bathine", a song with music and lyrics by Anita Samsom,
from her CD album Treasures of Nature

In loving memory of our sweet Bichon Frise showdog
Bathine (1996 - 2012)

International F.C.I. Champion
Europe Winner 2000


Bathine has shared many years and important episodes in my life. She was born at my home on August 3, 1996. At that time I even had not met my husband yet. Bathine is the daughter of Iris, my first dog. Bathine became an International F.C.I. Beauty Champion in 2000, the same year that she became Europe Winner! She always has been a very healthy, strong and cheerful little dog, while her very sweet and soft temperament made her even more special. Bathine not only was very sweet to me, but she also was fond of my husband and always started to wait for him at the gate or at the windows about 20 minutes before he came home! In January 2012, at the age of 15 years old, Bathine was diagnosed with maligne lymphoma and they removed a large colon tumor on January 12. Bathine recovered from the surgery, but became very ill a month later and did not want to eat anymore herself. Since then I fed her by hand, and we both enjoyed the feeding sessions and the time left for us to spend together. On March 8 Jesus came to take Bathine over the Rainbow Bridge, and she went peacefully with Him. My husband and I miss Bathine very much and she will always keep a very special place in our hearts.

Bathine's Photo Album

Click the above link to visit the photo album about Bathine's life, from the day that she was born until she peacefully passed away.


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