In 2016 I brought new life into this old website, originally created by me in 2001. I made all pages responsive for proper display on mobile devices and tablets, and I replaced the music files of the section E-cards by music files created and performed by myself!


Creating images and computer programming have been my hobbies since a very long time. Before I got my first windows pc early 2001, I wrote scripts in Basic for my DOS computer. About creating images: I was a photographer and I painted! Especially flowers I loved to paint or take photos of. After I got my windows computer, I started computer graphics design, using the program Paint Shop Pro, at that time version 7. Also I started coding html, php and javascript. My Original Art Graphics website is about my hobbies creating graphics and web designing. At this website I offer you my free e-cards, web graphic sets, adoptables and other virtual gifts that I created out of my own original paintings and photos. You can use them on your homepage or send them to your friends.

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